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Creating an Overdue Task Alert With SugarCRM Workflow using Process Manager

Automating the day to day tasks of your company with SugarCRM workflow

is easy with Process Manager. There are huge benefits to your company when you enable and setup workflow in CRM. Workflow’s as simple as the sending of emails to your new sales leads thanking them for visiting your website, to more complicated workflows that guarantee closure on trouble tickets for high value accounts can be recognized with Sugar Workflow.

A challenge many companies have is to know when important tasks are not being done, thus losing out on possible sales revenue. For the past 20 years, all CRM systems have included the Task object. The Task is related to one of many other objects in CRM such as a Lead, Contact, Account or Sales Opportunity. It is a common practice for companies embracing workflow in their CRM systems to setup a workflow to create and assign multiple Tasks to their employees when a new lead is created, or a support ticket is opened, or a contract is coming due for renewal.

The challenge many companies have with their employees is the workload given to them. Too often, an employee will become overwhelmed with their daily tasks and invariably forget to complete a task, thus jeopardizing a possible sale or piss off a customer.

What companies often do is to setup a workflow that helps their employees do their job and remind them when their tasks are overdue.

In this short video, we show how easy it is to setup this simple workflow that finds all past due Tasks that are not completed and for those Tasks found, send an email to the owner of the Tasks reminding them that they have an overdue task.

There are two ways to accomplish this workflow:

  • Use Process Author if your company has Sugar Enterprise. It is a rather complicated process to build this, but can be done. Expect to spend about 30 minutes
  • Use Process Manager from SierraCRM. You will see in the video that it takes about two minutes.

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