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Sugar Advanced Workflow Missing Features

February 17, 2017

Sugar Advanced Workflow Missing Features

Is your company considering upgrading to Sugar Enterprise to take advantage of the new Sugar Advanced Workflow? Before you agree to the new per user expense (yes – it will eventually almost double what you’re paying now) you should have a discussion with your Sugar Partner, SierraCRM or Sugar Sales and make sure your required workflows will work in Sugar Enterprise.

Here is a short list of features you should expect to be present in Advanced Workflow but unfortunately are not:

Converting Existing Legacy Workflows with Sugar Advanced Workflow

You realize that if you upgrade, you or your Sugar Partner will have to rebuild all of your Legacy Workflows from scratch in the new Advanced Workflow Designer. Are you prepared to do this? Have you even looked at the complexity of the new Designer? Brush off your Computer Science degree before you head down this path. The Designer is daunting for the faint-of-hear. BTW – SierraCRM’s Process Manager is the only commercially available workflow for Sugar that auto converts your Legacy Workflow. That’s right – SierraCRM has built in an auto-convert program that will take your Active Legacy Workflow and convert them to processes in Process Manager.

Running a Recurring Business Process with Sugar Advanced Workflow

Do you have a need to run a workflow over and over again that does the same thing? For example, every Friday at 5PM, find all Leads that were created the past week, that are still in a status of New and re-assign in a Round Robin fashion to a team of Sales folks in your company? You can’t do something as simple as this in Advanced Workflow – but you can in Process Manager

Getting any data, any time and doing something with the result

Let’s say your Support Manager decides he wants to find all Closed Cases for your high value Accounts and send the Account an email asking them to fill out a survey and assign a Task to the owner of the Case for a follow call or action. Basically, what you’re doing here is merging Reports and Workflow. You can’t do this in Advanced Workflow , but you can in Process Manager.

One free hour of top notch consulting

When you upgrade to Sugar Enterprise – will Sugar or your Sugar Partner include a free hour of Sugar Consulting to get you started with Advanced Workflow? We don’t think so. SierraCRM will!

This is just a short list of what is not available in Sugar’s Advanced Workflow and is available in SierraCRM’s Process Manager. We encourage you to evaluate your workflow needs and if the new Advanced Workflow is not up to the task, consider Process Manager from SierraCRM.

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