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SugarCRM User Adoption is not an issue when you utilize workflow

February 14, 2017

SugarCRM User Adoption is not an issue when you utilize workflow

You’re about to go live with your SugarCRM project and one of the big questions you have is if your users will actually  use it, embrace it, love it, adopt it, and recommend it to their co-workers.  The project has been going good for you, your under budget, management loves the reports, your IT department loves the ease of customization’s, and the mobile app is awesome. But still, you know you have many users who are questioning why the company did this CRM thing and of course they are the most vocal.

Your user adoption for this CRM project is what keeps you up at night.

Don’t sweat it. Just make sure you have a solid workflow plan in place to automate the many tasks that your employees do on a regular basis. Workflow will allow them to do what they do best – sell your products and less time managing the day to day tasks they need to get done. They will love it and embrace it once they see the power of workflow.

Consider how you can make your Sales employees jobs that much more enjoyable.  Every company has that one rock star sales person who is a genius at managing their book of sales. What about the rest of the group?  Your average sales person could be a star also if they only had the day to day work load laid out and ready for them.

Let’s talk about those new leads that you hand off to the sales folks.  As your leads are created they should be immediately distributed to the sales teams in a round robin fashion or directly assigned to folks based on attributes of the lead. You don’t need to have to rely on the Sales rep to have to remember to send the lead a series of Emails. Workflow does that. Workflow will also make sure that as the Lead moves through the Sales Cycle, notifications to management and team members are sent , keeping everybody informed.

Workflow is going to find that Lead that was sent to Bob, and Bob unfortunately dropped the ball and has not followed up.  How? Easy, everyday, workflow runs a morning process that finds all stale leads and re-assigns.

When the Lead is ready to move onto an actual Contact / Account and Opportunity, workflow will auto create these objects for you and start a whole new series of business processes that continue to keep the Sales folks happy.

That Opportunity has a close date, correct? If you miss that date what happens? Do you lose the Sale? That’s exactly what happens when you’re borrowing money to buy a house and you have 90 days to close. You don’t close – you don’t move in. The same is true with your Sales Opportunities. You have dates and agreements that must be met. Workflow is responsible to continually monitor your CRM system finding as-risk Sales Opportunities and make sure they get the attention needed to close.

You’ll be surprised at quickly your Users will adapt to the new CRM system when you setup automated workflows to help them get their job done. SugarCRM user adoption is almost guaranteed when you embrace workflow.

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