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SugarCRM Workflow – Process Manager 4.0 Sneak Peak

April 7, 2016

SugarCRM Workflow – Process Manager 4.0 Sneak Peak

SierraCRM is ready to release our powerful SugarCRM workflow module Process Manager 4.0 in April 2016. With this release, SugarCRM Pro customers have an alternate solution for their workflow needs once the support for legacy workflow ends. A big feature in this release is the auto conversion of customers existing legacy workflow to processes in Process Manager. We have also added the following features:

  • Multiple Cancel Conditions
    • In our previous versions of Process Manager, only one cancel process conditions was available. Customers can now setup many conditions to stop a running process. These conditions can be and/or’d.
  • New Email functionality. During the coding of the auto convert tool, SierraCRM realized that features found in legacy workflow were not present in Process Manager. These features have been added including
    • Choosing which emails will be on the To, CC and BCC lists
    • Sending Emails to members of a Team
    • Sending Emails to members of a Role
    • Sending Emails to past object owners, current object owners and the owner who last modified the object
  • Pre-fill the query for Recurring Processes. When customers are choosing a process of type Recurring Process, Process Manager will auto populate the query for them such that the end user does not need to know any sql. For example, for customers wanting to find all cases created that day that are still open, they would have had to enter “select id from cases” then use the Conditions. Process Manager will now enter the query for them
  • Refined User Interface
    • SierraCRM is constantly talking with their customer base on how to make the building of Processes that much easier.
    • We have improved the UI such as auto collapsing Process Conditions, Related Conditions and Cancel Conditions.
    • Context Sensitive Help text has been improved
    • The Editing of existing processes has been improved.

These new features along with the fantastic support that SierraCRM is know for in the Sugar ecosystem, makes this release a no-brainer for the many Sugar Pro customers who will be delaying the upgrade to Sugar Enterprise. As one of the original Technology Partner’s in the Sugar family, SugarCRM is very supportive of this release and of this option for their customers.

SierraCRM will be a Silver sponsor at this years 2016 SugarCon in San Francisco. We look forward to demonstrating this new release to our existing customer base and seeing how new customers can automate the day to day tasks of running their business with SugarCRM and Process Manager.

Contact us at for a demo and free 30 day trial of Process Manager 4.0

Converting Legacy Workflow to Process Manager

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