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Sugar Professional Workflow Options for 2017

March 23, 2016

Sugar Professional Workflow Options for 2017

SugarCRM Professional Workflow for 2017
With the upcoming release of SierraCRM’s Process Manager 4.0, coinciding with a flurry of blogs and videos from SugarCRM partners on how to use the new Sugar Enterprise Advanced Workflow, we felt it was time to make sure the SugarCRM ecosystem knew of the options available to them for Sugar Professional Workflow in 2017.
By now, we’ll assume that Sugar Professional customers know of the impending discontinuation of Sugar’s support of the legacy workflow module. This is slated for Q4 2016. These customers would probably agree with SierraCRM that the legacy workflow module worked. It did what it needed to do for SugarCRM customers. Although the feature set was limited, the product did allow customers to automate the sending of emails and creation/modification of records. SierraCRM saw a need for an enhanced workflow solution many years ago and released Process Manager. Not only did SierraCRM enter the workflow arena, so did SalesAgility with Advanced Open Workflow and Process Maker from Colosa. Sugar eventually integrated Process Maker into Sugar Enterprise 7.6.1 in 2015. This is the new Advanced Workflow / Process Author.

When SierraCRM heard of the news that legacy workflow would be discontinued in August of 2015, the company quickly began the task of reviewing our product road map and setting up this year’s release of Process Manager 4.0. Process Manager 4.0 will have many new features that will help SugarCRM Pro customers make the transition from legacy workflow to Process Manager very easy. Included in the new release will be a tool to auto-convert legacy workflow to Processes in Process Manager. SugarCRM and SierraCRM have a long and solid partnership and SugarCRM is very supports and encourages their customers to make the migration to Process Manager if they do not plan to upgrade to SugarCRM Enterprise.
Recent blogs and videos from Sugar Elite partners such as Epicom, W Systems, and Technology Advisors, cover how to use the new Sugar Enterprise Advanced Workflow. These tutorials and instructional videos are fantastic and show how easy it is to setup simple to complex workflow’s in Sugar Enterprise. The new Advanced Workflow solution is a huge improvement over Legacy Workflow and with new features slated to be added this year and we look forward to Sugar’s Enterprise customers having the ability to truly automate their businesses.
In the meantime, SierraCRM has been working very hard at producing the next major release of Process Manager that will fill the needs of SugarCRM customers who are just not ready to make the leap to Sugar Enterprise. This new version of Process Manager will include a tool to auto convert customers legacy workflows to Processes in Process Manager. During the production of this feature to convert legacy workflow, SierraCRM noticed that many features found in legacy workflow were not in the current release of Process Manager. So what did we do? We added those features.

Process Manager 4.0

Screenshot of Process Manager 4.0 showing the many types of workflow tasks that are available
Our intent with Process Manager 4.0 was to improve the way we build processes and to improve the display of existing processes. We expect our existing customer base to be quite pleased with the improvements at the UI/UX level. We also realized an important feature was the ability to have multiple cancel conditions. For example, many customers of ours use Process Manager for case management. Process Manager is all about time based workflow. So customers set a series of tasks, notes and emails that are generated over time as a case is worked on. If for any reason, a case’s status is changed early in the process, or maybe the case is re-assigned to another dept., customers want the process to stop and another process to start. Having multiple cancel conditions enables customers to setup many ways for a process to stop.
We also realized that our capability to send emails was in some ways better than legacy workflow but at the same time not as robust. For example, Process Manager does not have the ability to set who the email is sent to, who is cc’d and who is bcc’d. Legacy Workflow did. PM 4.0 will now have that feature. Process Manager 4 did not have the ability to send an email to the user who created an object or who modified an object. Process Manager 4.0 will now have that feature.
The one feature that PM has had for many years is the ability to mash up Reports and Workflow to produce a business process that runs any select query against the database and do something with the results of the query. An example of this would be the sales manager who would like to have a process run every Monday at 8AM that would find all Sales Opportunities created the previous week, still in a stage of not Closed Won, owned by a specific Sales Rep that have not been modified since the opportunity was created. Find all of these Opportunities and create a Sugar Task to remind the Sales Rep of the potential missed sales opportunity and also to send an Email to the Account and Contacts related to the Opportunity.
The last few months, SierraCRM has had a huge number of new customers take advantage of our free 30 day trial. These customers have seen the power and simplicity of our product and have made the transition to Process Manager. One thing we have noticed with this influx of new customers is how many of them expect the product to be simple to use. They don’t want to read a User Guide or watch a tutorial – they just want to jump in and see if they can figure it out. That is not easy as it sounds. This is a huge challenge for us as we have always been known in the Sugar Ecosystem as a company that provides outstanding customer support. To prepare ourselves for a busy year providing outstanding customer support, SierraCRM will be creating many new tutorial videos on how our customers are using workflow to automate the day to day tasks of running their business.
SierraCRM is pleased that in 2016 SugarCRM customers have a choice in their workflow solutions. From the powerful Advanced Workflow for Enterprise customers to Process Manager for the SMB market. We look forward to the release of Process Manager 4.0 next month and if you’re planning on attending Sugar Con 2016 in San Francisco, by all means, attend the sessions on Advanced Workflow and stop by our booth and check out Process Manager.
Process Manager 4.0 will be available April of 2016. Contact either your SugarCRM Sales Rep or SierraCRM to schedule a demo of the product and setup a 30 day trial of the product.
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