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Migrate your Sugar Legacy Workflow to the new Advanced Workflow the Easy Way!

March 1, 2017

Migrate your Sugar Legacy Workflow to the new Advanced Workflow the Easy Way!

SugarCRM announced their intention to remove the original Sugar Legacy Workflow, named Workflow Management, in 2015. Customers and Partners complained enough to delay this decision until 2017. Now they say it will happen in 2018. Whenever they do get around to removing this old workflow, will you be prepared for the new Advanced Workflow? How many existing legacy workflows are you relying on to run your company? Is your Sugar Partner ready to migrate your existing workflows over to Advanced Workflow?

There are two options available to you when it comes to converting your legacy workflow to Advanced Workflow – the easy way and the not-so-easy way:

Option One – the not so easy way

  • If you haven’t already done so, contact your Sugar Partner or SugarCRM and upgrade to Sugar Enterprise. There will be a price increase per user for this new version of Sugar, but you may find it is totally worth it to upgrade as there are two new features. Once you have completed the upgrade, you will then need to either re-build your legacy workflows from scratch in Sugar’s Advanced Workflow, or pay to have a Sugar Partner, such as SierraCRM, do this for you.
  • The Cost: If you view Sugar’s pricing page here you will see that Sugar Enterprise runs $65 per user per month vs. $40 per user per month for Professional. Your costs for your Sugar Partner will average about $150.00 per hour. To give some perspective on the costs, assume your partner can rebuild 2-3 workflows per hour for average workflows. But remember, with this option – you get two new features – the new Mobile SDK and the new Advanced Workflow.

Option Two – the easy way

  • Stick with Sugar Professional and purchase SierraCRM’s Advanced Workflow, Process Manager for the reasonable price of just $149.00 per month per server ( you get two server licenses) No per seat costs, no additional costs; Just a simple monthly charge of $149.00. You can also purchase Process Manager for $1499.00 per year recurring, and the final option is to purchase outright for $2499.00.Then just follow these three easy steps:
  1. Install Process Manager
  2. Set the license key
  3. Run the tool “Transfer Legacy Workflow” and BINGO, you’re done. That’s right folks, only SierraCRM’s Advanced Workflow has a built-in tool to auto convert all of you Active Legacy Workflow to Processes in Process Manager.

So definitely weigh your options with the inevitable loss of SugarCRM Legacy Workflow from SugarPro. You will find that SierraCRM’s Advanced Workflow has just about every feature found in Sugar Advanced Workflow but for way less hassle and costs.

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