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Process Manager 4.3 – Product Overview

Process Manager 4.3

When SugarCRM released version 4.0 of the Sugar Community Edition back in 2007, SierraCRM evaluated the product and made a decision to jump on board the SugarCRM train. This was a very wise decision, as it led to the creation of the first Sugar Workflow module for the community. How this occurred was in the creation of SierraCRM’s first vertical solution for Sugar, a Mortage Banking solution based on Sugar 4.5 called LenderCRM. Three products where created and released for this vertical solution:

  • Process Manager
  • Routing Manager
  • Marketing Manager
Each individual product delivered a much needed enhancement to Sugar. The products were sold individually or as a bundled solution. In 2011, SierraCRM merged all three products into a single product called Process Manager Pro. Since 2011, SierraCRM has continued to enhance Process Manager to reflect customers needs and enhancement requests. In May of 2016, Process Manager 4.0 was released with expanded functionality to address the needs of Sugar Pro customers who will no longer be able to use the Legacy Workflow.

Today, Process Manager 4.0 from SierraCRM is simply

Powerful Sugar Workflow

Companies are using this add on module to automate the day to day tasks of servicing and supporting their customers.

Some of the ways customers use Process Manager Enterprise:
  • Lead Management – automatically send emails and schedule calls and tasks when new leads are created
  • Case and Support Management – verify that as new cases are created they are routed to the correct support staff and completed in a timely manner
  • Service Level Agreements – when your customers have purchased SLA’s , Process Manager guarantees that the service they purchased is delivered
  • Contract Management – Process Manager can manage the process that your company uses for contract approvals
  • Automated Email Campaigns – send a Happy Birthday email to all your contacts on their birthdays

SierraCRM provides articles, white papers, tutorials, videos and product documentation to existing and prospective customers. Download the Process Manager Product Features and Product Overview here.

Process Manager 4.0 Product Features

Process Manager 4.0 Product Overview

Process Manager 4.0 Users Guide

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