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Sugar Workflow – Route your leads to the most qualified team for conversion

Your company knows best how to turn a lead into a paying customer. This includes setting up teams of employees who are experts at converting new leads to customers. Your company may have groups of employees who are experts at different products you sell. You might segregate your employees geographically or by when leads arrive at your company. Regardless of how you have setup your sales force to work new leads, you need a workflow product that can correctly assign leads to either individual users or Round Robin to a group of users based on attributes about the lead.

In this tutorial, we show you how simple it is setup a Sugar Workflow to intelligently route leads to a group of user who handle leads for the West Coast of the US.

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Sugar Workflow – Create a Task List for your employees when new Leads are Assigned to them

Your company knows best how to turn a lead into a paying customer. This often includes a series of automated emails, calls and tasks. Make sure your employees are doing what they are supposed to be doing with their new leads by creating a Task list for them when new leads are assigned to them. In this Process Manager 4.0 tutorial, we show you how to create a simple workflow that creates a series of Tasks that are auto-created and assigned to the owner of the new Lead.

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Sugar Workflow – Reassign five day old leads that are not converted to customers

What to do with your companies old non-converted leads is covered in this short video. Utilizing Sugar workflow to find and reassign five day old leads that have not been converted to customers is presented. The ease of use and power of using Sugar workflow for Lead Management with Process Manager 4.0 is highlighted in this tutorial.

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Sugar Workflow to send a series of emails to your new Leads

Automating the sending of emails to new leads in Sugar is one of Process Manager’s easiest processes to create. In this video, we create a sample process to send five emails over five days to your new leads. Process Manager 4.0 will help you manage the day to day tasks of running your company using powerful and simple to use workflow

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Lead Conversion – Automatically Convert Leads

In this video, we present how to create a business process in Process Manager Enterprise 2.5 that will automatically convert a Lead to a Contact/Account/Opportunity when the Lead’s status changes to “Ready To Convert”. One of the challenges we often hear from SugarCRM users, is the number of clicks it takes to do something. Process Manager Enterprise enables you to let your sales agents spend more time with their customers and less time clicking in SugarCRM.

Automatically Convert Leads

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Convert Lead – Transfer Notes on Lead to New Contact

When a Lead is converted in SugarCRM the Notes attached to that Lead do not copy over automatically to the new Contact upon conversion. This tutorial of Process Manager Enterprise 2.5 workflow module for SugarCRM, explains how you can setup a business process that migrates the Notes from the Lead to the new Contact. In addition to Notes, any related object can be moved along side the Notes during conversion.

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Sugar Workflow Lead Routing – Distribute New Leads to a Group of Users

Sugar Workflow is highlighted in this short video of Process Manager 4.0 from SierraCRM. New leads created from California, Oregon or Washington are distributed to a group of Sales reps in a  Round Robin style. Additional features are shown including:

  • Conditions that are OR’d: Lead State = California OR Lead State = Oregon OR Lead State = Washington
  • Checking to see if the user who is to receive the lead is actually Logged into SugarCRM
  • Finding any logged in user in the Sales Team to receive the new Lead

Process Manager 4.0 is the latest release of the Powerful Sugar workflow module that is supported on all versions of Sugar.

Sugar customers worldwide utilize Process Manager to ensure a First Class Journey for their clients.


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