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Process Manager – Powerful Sugar Workflow

SierraCRM’s Process Manager 4.3 is a powerful, flexible, easy to use Sugar workflow module that significantly enhances Sugar Ultimate, Enterprise, Professional or Community Edition.   With advanced features such as an easy to use Drag and Drop User Interface, Process Manager 4.3 is your workflow solution for Sugar. With Process Manager 4.3, you can setup company wide workflows that will guarantee the participation of all company employees in the acquisition and support of your customers.

Trigger Processes on the Create or Modification of any object in Sugar. Add simple to very complex filters and conditions to your processes. Group filtering enables you to group together filters and evaluate groups of these filters. Run processes when related objects have values set to specific values. Cancel processes when actions occur after the process has started. Processes can be setup to be run as ‘Recurring Processes’ in which you create a workflow to run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. This action is a query you run to get any data and act on that data.

Advanced Timing Options

The key to time based Sugar workflow is when an action or task is supposed to happen. The Process Stage is when a Process Task is schedule to run. Each stage contains one or many Process Tasks. Stages are set to run immediately or queued up to run in the future. For example, when new Leads are entered into your Sugar system, send them an email immediately, then wait 24 hours and send a follow up email. Two Process Stages would be created for this example, one stage with no delay and another stage with a 24 hour delay.

Multiple Options for Process Actions and Tasks

  • Send an Email – Send emails to customers, partners, and employees.
  • Schedule a Call -Calls can be assigned to the owner of the process object, or any user of Sugar. Escalate Calls if not completed by the Calls Due Date.
  • Create a Sugar Task – Tasks can be assigned to the owner of the process object, or any user of Sugar. Escalate Tasks if not completed by the Tasks Due Date
  • Modify a field –  Update fields in the process object – update fields in related objects
  • Set fields with advanced field options such as append values to existing data from other fields or from related fields
  • Create new Records – New Sugar objects, such as Opportunities, Cases, and Sugar custom modules can be created as a process task. Data is filled in using a pre-created template or inherited from the parent process object, or set dynamically
  • Run custom PHP Scripts –  Run your own custom PHP scripts that can do anything you need to have done in Sugar. Scripts are easily uploaded to PM and run as a process task.
  • Schedule Sugar Meetings – Meetings can be automatically created and the attendees will include the owner of the object that the meeting is being created against
  • Send a Happy Birthday Email on your Contacts Birthday
  • Convert Leads
  • Assign Objects
  • Trigger other Processes – Branching
Create Customers for Life and turn your Interactions into Profits with SierraCRM’s Process Manager 4.3.  Setup business processes as simple as sending out emails to new leads – to more complex process such as year long drip campaigns to existing customers.With SierraCRM’s powerful workflow module and Sugar your company will
  • Increase Production Revenue
  • Improve Retention Rates
  • Lower Customer Acquisition Increase Marketing ROI
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

A simple Drag and Drop User Interface Process Manager 4.3 enables your company to create simple to complex workflow for Sugar using an intuitive drag and drop UI

  • Auto convert your Legacy Workflow to Processes with the new “Convert Legacy Workflow” tool
  • Context Sensitive Help at all stages of the Process Build
  • Export and Import complex Processes from one server to another
  • View all the records in Sugar that have been run under the process
  • One Click Installation

Build and Deploy your workflow in no time You will be up an running with Advanced Workflow in no time with Process Manager. A simple installer does everything for you.

Process Automation helps your company during the entire Customer Journey

From your initial on-boarding of new Leads through the Sales and Support process of your customers including contract management, setting up automated workflow will ensure that your customers feel as if they are traveling in First Class while working with your company and employees.

Common ways companies use workflow in Sugar

  • Lead Management
  • Sales Opportunity Management
  • Case and Support Management
  • Contract Management
  • Drip Email Campaigns
  • Bug Tracking
  • Partner Management

As Richard Branson says: “Clients Will Never Love Your Company Until Your Employees Love It First”
Automating the Day to Day operation of your company through Advanced Workflow in your Sugar system will ensure that your employees do what they do best” Selling to and Servicing your Customers”.
Your employees will not have to worry about the menial daily tasks of common follow up emails, scheduling Calls and Tasks. Let Process Manager handle that and your Employees will love you for it!

  • Automatically send Emails to your customers on key dates such as their Birthday
  • Schedule Calls and Tasks when needed such as when a Support case is under a Service Level Agreement.
  • Find Sales Opportunities that are languishing in the “In Box” and notify the Sales Team. Your commissioned employees hate to lose out on Revenue.
  • When Support Cases are closed – make sure that all open Tasks related to that Support case are also closed.
  • Automatically convert qualified leads for your Employees based on key attributes about the Lead.

Your Customers will notice the superb customer support you are offering them as you build out your common business processes in Process Manager 4.3

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