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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Process Manager and SuiteCRM Workflow

Process Manager 4.0 is fully compatible with SuiteCRM 7.5.0. SuiteCRM workflow includes the built-in AOW: Advanced Open Workflow. This workflow allows you to accomplish basic workflow. Process Manager 4.0 compliments SuiteCRM's workflow by extending the capabilities to include Recurring Processes and the calling of RESTful API's

Can Process Manager be triggered to run a process on create/modify from SugarCRM's soap interface?

Process Manager  uses SugarCRM logic hooks. Specifically, the logic hooks for after_save and after_delete.  When an object in SugarCRM is saved - either the initial creation or modification of an existing object, the SugarBean in SugarCRM is responsible for calling the after_save logic hook.  If SugarCRM's Soap Interface calls the save function in SugarCRM SugarBean.php - then Process Manager will run.

Is Process Manager compatible with Sugar On Demand?

Yes - Process Manager is fully compatible with Sugar OnDemand. There are two features removed for Process Manager for Sugar OnDemand

  1. Custom Script - this feature found in the OnPremise allows a Sugar developer to create a custom php script and Process Manager can call this script and pass the record that triggered the process to the script. Not available in On Demand
  2. Exporting and Importing Processes - the capability to Export a Process created on a development instance of Sugar and Import into the Production On Demand Server is not available with Process Manager On Demand.


Does Process Manager work with the latest release of Sugar and SuiteCRM?

Yes - Process Manager is compatible with SugarPro 7.6.2, SugarEnterprise 7.6.2, Sugar Ultimate 7.6.2, Sugar Community Edition 6.5.22, and SuiteCRM 7.5.0

What is the latest release and how will I know it will work on my copy of SugarOS?

Check out our SIERRACRMBLOG page for the latest release notes on our software.

Documentation for the product also includes release notes and versions supported.

How do you handle Maintenance and Support for Upgrades?

SierraCRM will release patched versions of software to address issues and bugs. These patches are supported with your purchased copy for one year.  If you discover a problem with your software, please contact our <a title="" href="">support group</a>.  Major enhancements and new features to our products will be released as a new version and sold separately.

How Much does Process Manager Cost?

Currently, there are three options for purchasing and using Process Manager:

$149.00 per month recurring charge purchased from SierraCRM's Website.

$149.00 per month recurring charge purchased from SugarOutfitters Website.

$1499.00 per year recurring charge purchased from SierraCRM's Website.

$2499 one time fee purchased from SierraCRM's Website.

Can I get a trial version of Process Manager?

We do offer trial versions on an as needed basis.  The best thing is to contact us directly:

Phone: 530-272-3064


What versions of SugarCRM is Process Manager 4,0 compatible with?

Process Manager 4.0 is compatible with the following versions of SugarCRM:

SugarCRM 6.5.x Community Edition, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate

SugarCRM 7.1 through 7.6.x.x Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate

Process Manager 4.0 is compatible with SuiteCRM 7.5.x

Technical FAQ's Go To Top

Can a process run more than once against a Sugar Object?

Process Manager is designed to only run once against a sugar object.  For example - suppose you have a process on MODIFY of a lead where lead source = partner.  When you change the lead source to partner, the process will run and an entry is made into a table called the process manager completed process table.  Then if you go back and change the lead source to ABC and then change back to partner, Process Manager will not run a second time against that same lead because it has already been run once.

PM Pro allows the ability for a process to run more than one time against a specific process.

After importing a lot of data, Process Manager does not show Complete in the Scheduler - it shows In Process.

We have seen issues with customers where the following setting in php.ini is set too low to allow Process Manager to complete processing 1000's of imported records. This setting is: max_execution_time in php.ini. Increasing this value to 300 will allow Process Manager 5 minutes to complete the processing of multiple records imported at once. If max_execution_time is set too low, then Process Manager is not allowed to complete running, thus never returning true to the Scheduler, thus the Scheduler does not set the job flag to Complete.

I am unable to install Process Manager.

Check your max upload size. Open php.ini and set the max_upload size to a size greater than 10 MB.

Make sure you have permission in the /cache folder. This folder will need write privileges. The folder is located off the SugarCRM install.

Does Process Manager support the cancel event on custom fields?

Yes - canceling a running Process on the change or deletion of a Sugar record is supported on all fields for the record.

Will Process Manager send an email address with opt-out set? What about both opt-out and invalid?

Process Manager only checks for opt-out flag. If the opt-out check box is checked in SugarCRM, then PM will not send the e-mail.

Common Install Issues

Process Manager Enterprise is dependent on the site_url setting of your config.php file to be correct. Many customers will clone their production system and only update the database array portion of the config.php file. If the site_url setting in the config.php file is not set correctly, when opening or creating Processes, the layout will be defective.

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