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Recurring Processes

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    Gary Smart

    1. I’m setting up a reoccurring task. Is there a way I can force it to run on demand while testing?

    Actually, a reoccuring task seems to run every time I save the process. Is this correct?


    William Convis

    Hi Gary,
    Yes – you can tell Process Manager to run a Recurring Process at any time. The steps are:
    1. Open the Process
    2. Double Click on the Last Run Date
    3. A message is posted that will inform you that you are editing this field
    4. The Last Run Date will change to editable
    5. Click once in the text field for Last Run Date
    6. A Calendar Widget Posts
    7. Click Done in the Calendar Widget
    8. Click Save
    9. Click ‘Run Process Manager’ from the Process Manager Menu

    What you are doing is setting the date to current timestamp. Thus PM does not think it has run this recurring process yet for that day and will run as soon as you click on Run Process Manager.
    –Bill Convis

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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