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Process Manager Installation

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    Installation and Upgrade
    Process Manager is delivered as a zip file. The entire installation process runs under the Module Loader.

    Installing Process Manager includes:
    1. Using Sugar Module Loader to load the module.
    2. License the product using your email address or key from the vendor you purchased the product from.
    3. Verify the Sugar Scheduler has the entry for runProcessManager.
    4. Verify that your Sugar Scheduler is setup to run via Linux Cron or Windows Task Manager.
    Installation Instructions

    The distribution zip file will contain all the files necessary for the module loader to successfully install and deploy Process Manager, Process Manager Stages, and Process Manager Stage Tasks modules. Follow these steps to install Process Manager.
    1. Use the Sugar Module Loader to load the module
    a. Login to Sugar and click the Admin link
    b. Click Module Loader
    c. Click the browse button and select the SierraCRM Process Manager zip file that you downloaded from the SierraCRM store front or received via email from SierraCRM.
    d. Click Upload
    e. The upload process will upload the zip file to your uploads folder
    f. A listing for the module will now show
    g. Click Install
    h. Click Accept and Commit
    i. The module loader will now load the module
    2. SierraCRM recommends that you now run Quick Repair and Rebuild
    a. Click on Admin->Repair
    b. Run Quick Repair and Rebuild
    3. The next step is to verify that the installation process created the Sugar Scheduled Job.
    a. Go to the Admin Console and Click on Schedulers
    b. Verify that the runProcessManager job is listed if not:
    i. Click on Create Sugar Schedule
    ii. Enter runProcessManager in the name
    iii. Choose runProcessManager from the drop down list
    4. Final step is to Validate your License Key:

    To validate your license key, select ‘Validate License Key’ from the Process Manager module, or just click on Create New Process from the Menu of Process Manager, enter your email address that you used to purchase the product, select either development or production server and click Submit.

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