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Five Easy Sugar Workflows for new Leads that will increase the probability that the lead will become a paying customer

May 4, 2016

Five Easy Sugar Workflows for new Leads that will increase the probability that the lead will become a paying customer

Converting your companies leads to paying customers just became easier with the latest release of SierraCRM’s powerful and easy to use Process Manager workflow for Sugar, Process Manager 4.0.

In this blog, we will discuss five workflows that are easy to setup and will greatly increase the probability that your leads will end up as happy paying customers.

Workflow #1: An Email a Day for all new Leads for five days
As customers visit your website and click on the Contact Us button, your website should send this information to Sugar and create a new Lead. You may also have a team of Sales Reps entering Leads manually, or you may have purchased a lead list and imported into Sugar. Regardless of how your leads are created in Sugar, your first job is to send them a thank you email. A simple thank you for your interest in your company and an indication that a Sales Rep will follow up is usually sufficient for this first email.
After this first email is sent, your Sugar Workflow should then pause the process for 24 hours, then a second email should be sent with more specific information on your company’s products and services.
Now that we have two automated emails that have been sent, let’s wait another 24 hours and send a third email which may be something like introducing the new lead to the management team and include a brief history of the company.
On the fourth day, you may consider sending an email with a discount code for the products they are interested in.
On the fifth and final day of the new lead email process, send the new lead an email that summarizes all the great things your company has to offer.
Your workflow should be able to cancel the running process if the lead converts to a customer before the five day window is up. This is what we call a Cancel event – it’s simple, if the lead is converted or maybe if the leads status changes to “Not Interested” stop the process from sending any more emails.
This series of emails over five days is easy to setup and build in Process Manager 4.0. You will need to include a cancel condition such that if the lead is converted early in the 5 days, we do not want to continue to send emails to this person.

Check out how to create this simple process here

Workflow #2: Proper routing of Leads to your qualified Sales Team
As new leads are created in your companies Sugar system, these leads will have attributes such as geographic information, product interest, and lead source information to name a few. Your company may have your Sales Reps setup to handle leads based on criteria about the leads. For example, you may have a Sales Team that handles all new Leads from the West Coast. Or, you may have your team’s setup by product knowledge. Regardless of how you have setup your Sales Teams, you need to be able to properly route new Leads to the Teams or individual Sales Reps who are best qualified to work that lead. This is where the proper assignment of new leads is key to increasing the likely hood that your leads will convert to paying customers. With Process Manager 4.0, you have the ability to assign leads directly to an individual sales rep, or you can distribute new leads in a round-robin fashion to members of a team. Suppose that all new leads from California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington need to go to the Sales Team for the West Coast – you can setup a simple process in Process Manager to make this happen.
Check out how to create this process here:

Workflow #3: Auto generated Check List of Tasks for your Sales Team
Now that we have the new leads receiving informational emails daily and the leads are being assigned to the proper agents, we need to make sure that the sales reps are doing their job. An important aspect of workflow is to automate the day-to-day tasks of running your company. Creating Tasks and assigning them to the Sales Reps will ensure that the rep is asking the right questions and not missing important job functions. For every new lead, your company may want to guarantee that the Sales Reps make a call on the first and third day. On the fourth day, remind the Sales Rep that a lead was created four days ago and either a personal call or email is in order. Your company has best practices for working your leads, and with Process Manager 4.0, you can map that process easily into a Task List.
Check out how to create this process here:

Workflow #4: Finding all non-converted leads and re-assign
As more and more leads are created in Sugar, you will eventually come across a time when you decide it is time to put in place a business process to find non-converted leads (Dead Leads) and do something with them. SierraCRM has helped many companies build workflows to re-work these leads. A common workflow is to run a process once a day to find all Leads Created seven days earlier that are not converted and maybe have a status of “New” and send these leads to a team of Sales Reps who are experts at working these old leads.
Check out how to create this process here:

Workflow #5: Schedule a Call for your Leads that do not have an email address
Your company will often receive new leads in which there is no email. When this happens, you will want to be prepared with a workflow that does not attempt to send an email, but will schedule a Call and assign to the rep who is handling this new lead.
Check out how to create this process here:

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