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Sales Opportunity Management

Sales Opportunity Management

Manage the entire Sales Process from your first contact with a new Lead to the after Sales newsletters and follow on revenue opportunities, Process Manager will help you and your Sales Team with the entire Sales Process. Automating your Sales process includes such simple things as responding to a new Lead with an email when they hit your website and click on Contact Us, to more advanced workflow such as finding all Sales Opportunities whose close date is coming up and the opportunity is in jeopardy of being lost. Proactively communicate with your customers and internal Sales and Support teams using automated email communications, tasks, calls, and other social media feeds.

Never let another Sales Opportunity fall through the cracks by automating your Sales Process with Process Manager.

Hmmm.. did I send that Email to my biggest account reminding them of the contract renewal?
Turn that confused look into a happy smile with process automation software from SierraCRM

2[/frame_right]Signed Contracts
Automated workflow will help your and your Sales and Contracts Management group maintain and ensure that Contracts are reviewed , approved and signed off for your customers.

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