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Another SugarCRM Advanced Workflow Success Story

March 17, 2017

Another SugarCRM Advanced Workflow Success Story

Process Manager from SierraCRM, a SugarCRM Advanced Workflow add-on,  is a powerful business process automation tool that enables Sugar customers to do what they do best: Sell and Support their companies’ products and services.

SierraCRM was recently contacted by Josh Bieber, Sales Support Manager at Walz Scale in East Peoria, Illinois. Walz Scale is a SugarPro OnDemand customer. They do not have a Sugar partner to assist with their implementation, so Josh utilizes SugarCRM’s support organization and their Technical Account Manager.

Sugar’s world-class support organization is able to assist Josh with most of his questions. When it came to his question on what to do with the removal of Legacy Workflow, their Sugar account manager suggested to check out SierraCRM’s Advanced Workflow Process Manager on Sugar Exchange. Josh read all about our product and reached out to us for information.

We contacted Josh and setup a meeting to see where we could help. Our strategy when new customers contact us and join us for our first meeting is to just listen to their needs. Josh had a very typical need to automate the communications to their Contacts and Accounts during the lifecycle of a typical Sales Opportunity. For example, he needed to be able to send an email to the contact related to the Opportunity when the Opportunity was first created and another email when the Opportunity was closed won.

In addition to proactively communicating with their customers via email, Josh needed to have custom Opportunity fields updated anytime an Opportunity was saved.

Two very typical operations that any Sales Organization would need their CRM system to do. Our Advanced Workflow for Sugar is designed for just these challenges, and many others.

What SierraCRM enjoyed most about working with Josh during the trial for Process Manager, is the opportunity we had to teach Josh about automating the many daily tasks that their Sales and Support organization would currently do manually. We also took the time to review the Administration capabilities in Sugar and the power and ease-of-use that one can do using the Studio tool.

Josh received these live tutorials from SierraCRM via goto meeting. After each teaching session with Josh, we could see his smile 2000 miles away.

Part of being a Sugar Technology Partner is to take the time to teach Sugar’s customers how to use and modify Sugar and how to setup automated workflow.

Does your Sugar partner go the extra mile to deliver success stories such as this?

If not – give us a call and let us show you the joys of Sugar and be that next Advanced Workflow Success Story.

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